Hershey gets TWO lucky breaks: Getting out of the bag AND out of the county!


News stories like “Hershey”, the puppy identified as a “pit bull” are heartbreaking.  A happy-go-lucky pup put in a trash bag and tossed from a moving car, landing on the side of the road in Upper Marlboro (Prince George’s County).   The cruelty and abusiveness of the offense is not lost on millions of pet lovers across the country — it demonstrates a terrible lack of compassion and empathy, and callous disregard for an innocent living creature.  That is something we cannot and must not tolerate in Prince George’s County, even County Executive Rushern Baker II has railed against animal abuse.  But we can’t forget that this good puppy CANNOT be adopted into a loving Prince George’s County family because the county would then immediately seize and kill him.  You see, Prince George’s County has a ridiculous breed ban that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to enforce and has not provided one whit of additional public safety! The county inflicts nearly the same lack of compassion, empathy and callous disregard for life as the dirtbag who tossed Hershey out like trash.   Prince George’s County has ripped thousands and thousands of innocent pets just like Hershey away from their families, the vast majority of them were never a problem, or a nuisance, or a danger to the community; yet they are summarily torn from their families, spend many hours frightened, confused, and alone in a noisy cement-walled impound cage, then killed by the county simply for looking a certain way.   Please help us stop that madness too!

Even the Director of Prince George’s Animal Management Division, who is charged with enforcing the county breed ban, finds the law difficult and challenging.  The following is the transcript of his June 19, 2012 testimony before the Maryland General Assembly’s Breed Specific Task Force:

  1. a.       Chief Rodney Taylor:  One of the most difficult challenges we [Prince George’s County Animal Management Division] have as an organization is going to someone’s house, knocking on their door, and seeing their American Pit Bull Terrier sitting in their living room watching television with the family, and have to take it out. Where the dog has done nothing wrong, no problems, but is just because its breed, he has to be removed. What a challenge. (transcribed by StopBSL.com)

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