The Human Toll Rises…

Make no mistake:  People ARE being issued eviction orders if they do not surrender their pets.  In many cases, these are dogs who have been good dogs and good neighbors for 5, 7, even 10 years.  Entire families are being thrown into turmoil despite doing no harm, no damage and causing no trouble. 
Engage your Maryland lawmakers, continue to ask them to provide legislative relief to the thousands of responsible dog owners who are being forced to give up their dogs or be evicted… 
This is a good interaction between legislator and constituent who wrote to Delegate Cathy Vitale that her landlord will likely evict her because she will not surrender her family member:
“We are looking at the case to gain a clear understanding of the ramifications of the decision. Once we have a better handle on what it means and how enforceable it is, we can determine if and how the law could be applied. I will withhold my opinion until that information is available for my consideration. I do hope there is an equitable resolution. I certainly don’t want you and Baylee on the streets but as a legislator I am pledged to protect all citizens with equal effort and I also have constituents contacting me that have had terrible experiences with pit bulls. We have to be sure that what ever we make as law addresses both sides with care and responsibility.”
Her constituent’s response:  We ALL want to be safe, that isn’t something that we disagree upon. However, innocent families, business owners (landlords/rental companies) should not be punished for the actions of a few reckless MD residents. Many alternatives have been suggested to and discussed by the task force. But delaying the discussion of this issue until next year because it is not considered “priority” is doing irreparable damage to a large number of Maryland residents and businesses.

And the delegate responded:  I agree with all your observations. Safety is not breed specific nor is the love and importance of a pet. We will try to find the correct balance and I appreciate your input. Whether this comes before the Legislature in a Special Session or regular Session, you may want to follow the hearings on the Maryland General Assembly website. You can check on a bill status and find out about hearing dates. All hearings are open to the public and you can testify if you arrive early enough to sign up to speak.  Thank you for taking the time to communicate with me. It is important for me to hear from constituents as I consider my votes. Please feel free to contact me anytime.


“BARCS volunteers have also encountered people who were very upset about turning in animals. In early June, one such volunteer talked to a couple who had been standing in the parking lot at BARCS for about 2 hours because they couldn’t bring themselves to turn in their dog. They dog was 12 years old and they had had the dog since it was 6 weeks old. The landlord had told them to get rid of the dog or move because of the court ruling. They eventually went into BARCS, but came back out with the dog. We don’t know the names of this couple, or what happened eventually.
Another dog walker recently encountered a woman outside BARCS, hugging her dog and crying – similar circumstances.”

“When I was at the rally when we all first gathered in Annapolis I knew I was asking for an appeal for this law because of my personal dog Moses as well as all of his brother and sister Pit’s and Pit mixes.I knew that my Landlord would pressure me to get rid of him and well last Saturday it happened Moses has to be gone by this Saturday. I am not only heart broken as he is like a child to me but I am losing my training assistant. last night a first time client came to my home for an evaluation of her dog I brought Moses out to interact with her dog at first she and her husband froze when he came around the corner but with in 5 minutes Moses had not just won her over he had made her want to write emails too. I am unwilling to find my furry son a home in a state that I have lived in my whole life as I am not sure of his future here.I also know that finding the perfect home for him out of state with a two week time limit has been harder.If not for my last son at home I would pack up and leave this state sadly it has come to this for me. I am tired of the square dance there is enough letters and people being hurt by this law the choices we are being forced to make are unfair and unjust not just to our dogs but to our families.How many of you are willing to place your dogs back into uncertainty that most of us have retrieved our dogs out of? I am not therefore an even tougher choice might have to be made and the blood will be on the people who are sqaure dancing with an issue that has been proved time and time again in other states not to resolve anything. The media well shame on them as they are prepetuating the issue by making every dog attack about a Pit Bull !!! I am open to suggestions and so very broken hearted over the thought of my boy leaving me!!”


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