It’s a HUMAN issue

Balt Sun 6 26 2012Many thanks to our Guest Blogger, Animal Farm Foundation . 
The Baltimore Sun ran an editorial on 6/26 regarding the Maryland Joint Legislative Task Force, which was formed to assess the impact of the Tracey v. Solesky Court of Appeals ruling deeming “pit bulls, pit bull mixes, and cross-bred pit bull mixes inherently dangerous”:,0,6206431.story
The last line of the editorial states: “The welfare of dogs is certainly a worthy topic for the legislature, but it would be nice if matters dealing with the welfare of humans were addressed with the same urgency.”

We appreciate the Baltimore Sun’s editorial, but they missed a very important point: the court ruling is having a tremendous negative impact on HUMANS, not just on dogs. This is a HUMAN issue and HUMAN welfare is being jeopardized.

As a direct result of the ruling, HUMANS are losing their homes and apartments; and HUMAN families are splitting up and relocating out of state (or finding themselves homeless). On the business side, HUMANS are losing good tenants because their rental properties can no longer accommodate renters with any dog that could possibly be labeled a “pit bull” dog; HUMANS are experiencing a decline in sales because “pit bull” dog owners can no longer bring their pets to their businesses.

This is a critical point that the Task Force, the media, and even the advocates themselves have all been missing. HUMANS are being affected, not just dogs.

And this is not just a Maryland issue: this court ruling and the actions of the legislature wil impact dog owners and landlords all across the country. Once case law is established, other jurisdictions will follow. And HUMANS in other jurisdictions will suffer the consequences.

We love our family dogs, which is why we all work so hard on their behalf. But this is first and foremost a HUMAN issue. Dogs do not exist independently of HUMANS. For every dog that is impacted by the Solesky ruling, there is at least one HUMAN who is negatively impacted, often more.


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