“Either the dog goes, or YOU go!”

Call Governor O’Malley today!

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, thousands of families in Maryland will be forced from their homes if they don’t give up their pets. Governor O’Malley has the power to stop it.

Lawmakers heard from you in recent weeks. Your calls and emails made the difference and got the ball rolling.

But they need to hear from us again.

The Maryland Court of Special Appeals ill-considered opinion declaring “pit bull-type” dogs inherently dangerous is already needlessly disrupting the lives of loving families and either causing eviction from their homes or forcing them to surrender their benign pets to their likely death at the pound.

Call and e-mail Governor O’Malley today! Other legislators as well. Even if you already did, they must all hear from us again! Tell him you want a special session in July to fix the problem created by the court’s ruling that landlords be held responsible for dogs that live peacefully on their property.

We can’t wait for January.  We need this correction NOW.

The Dog Law Task Force, hastily convened to come up with science based, rational solutions, will be ready for that special session with fair, fact-based corrective language. It will ensure owners are responsible for their dogs’ actions and stop the evictions.

Many families have already been given the ultimatum, “either the dog goes or you go!” Thousands more will be hearing it – thousands more will be forced to make that Sophie’s Choice, give their dog away, or take her to a shelter to face certain death, or do they move? And if they can move, where would they go?

Call and email the Governor, the Senate President, the Speaker of the House, Task Force members and your own delegation members today. They are deciding very soon, perhaps today or tomorrow.  Information is below.

1. Governor Martin O’Malley,

(on-line form, do this one separately) http://www.governor.maryland.gov/mail/

410.974.3901   1.800.811.8336 

2. Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr., Senate President

(410) 841-3700, (301) 858-37003. Michael E. Busch, House Speaker

(410) 841-3800, (301) 858-3800
4. Task Force Members:
5. Your county delegation members (senators and delegates)
CecilCo: http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacoce.html
Allegany Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacoal.html
Dorcester Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacodo.html
Queen Anne Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacoqa.html
Kent Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacoke.html
Garrett Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacoga.html
Washington Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacowa.html
Wicomico Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacowi.html
Worcester Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacowo.html
St. Mary’s Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacosm.html
Somerset Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacoso.html
Talbot Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacota.html
Baltimore City: http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacobcit.html
Baltimore County:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacobco.html 
Montgomery Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacomo.html
Prince George’s Co:   http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacopg.html
Howard Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacohow.html
Harford Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacoha.html
Frederick Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacofr.html
Calvert Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacocal.html
Charles Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacoch.html
Carroll Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacocarr.html
Caroline Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacocaro.html

Anne Arundel Co:  http://www.msa.md.gov/msa/mdmanual/07leg/html/gacoan.html

 For more details about the Strict Liability Decision in the Solesky case, go to the Maryland Animal Law Center Web site. If you are threatened with eviction, call or email the Maryland Animal Law Center today!

 Find your representatives:



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