Record breaking Kill Numbers at PG Co Animal Shelter

From Tim Saffell, Prince George’s Feral Friends, Friends of Prince George’s County Animals, edited…

Prince George’s County Animal Management has set an all-time record, at least since the first use of the current database system.  During the month of June, 2011, 970 animals were KILLED at the Animal Services Facility, breaking the record of 969 in July 2003.   Bradford Seamon, a Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (DCAO) for PG County Executive Rushern Baker, said the following of Samuel Wynkoop (current Director of DER) and Rodney Taylor (current Administrator of Animal Management):  “[Seamon is] confident that Wynkoop’s and Taylor’s] dedication and leadership will CONTINUE to meet the needs of the citizens and provide for the health and welfare of the animal population in Prince George’s County.”  

We’re disappointed and appalled that Mr. Seamon, speaking for the County Executive, finds acceptable this failure of leadership.  Organizations like Friends of Prince George’s County Animals have forced the county to cough up the data.   It wasn’t easy, but it is very revealing.   

If the pound’s killing of more animals this month than any other June in almost a decade is unacceptable to YOU, call Rushern Baker, County Executive, 301-952-4131 and tell him so.  Or go to the Petition and tell Mr. Baker to “Get the right people on the bus.”  Please forward this message to anyone who wants the unnecessary killing of animals in Prince George’s County to end TODAY.


One thought on “Record breaking Kill Numbers at PG Co Animal Shelter

  1. I, as well as countless neighbors who love their pets and all animals, do NOT find it acceptable that we have a state-of-the-art BUILDING but not a single real PROGRAM. Mr. Baker, we are all watching and hoping you will do what needs to be done.

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