What do the words euthanasia, pet overpopulation, shelter, and unwanted have in common? They are all euphemisms: 

A shelter uses these euphemisms to hide the truth from the public.  Many PG citizens are SHOCKED to hear that a kitten taken to the pound has a very low probability of getting out alive.  At the Prince George’s County animal pound, many animals go there to die.    Let’s start calling it what it is and bringing clarity to the plight of animals here.

It’s not “euthanasia” because there is “no room”; it’s killing. 

It’s not “pet OVERPOPULATION”; there are more homes looking for pets than there are pets without homes. 

Pets in shelters are not “unwanted” and they’re not broken.   They are simply “homeless” and in need of a lucky break.

When the sheltering industry starts telling the truth and stops using euphemisms, we’ll be on our way to achieving true “no kill.”


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