Surely you can’t be serious…

I’ll admit it.  Our website hasn’t been up in a while, mostly because I suck at learning new software under pressure, and I just can’t do websites on MS Publisher anymore.  The html world might be passing me by, but people still find the Federation, asking us to fight bad dog law in Annapolis, help them keep their pets or deal with the rottenness of PG animal control bureaucracy.  Now that our blog is coming on line and our website will be up in a week or two, I’ll be sharing the horror stories we hear.  Do you think lunch meat in your refrigerator slightly past the “sell by date” would be a reason for a dog negligence charge?   Or that animals taken to the PG pound are taken in the back and killed before the person surrendering the animal has even left the building?    Most of these stories are from average folks who are shocked and surprised about how bad the shelter is, or how badly a law can affect an average pet owner.  Whenever we can, we’ll bring their stories  and others here.


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