PG Co: 21st century building, 19th century philosophy

This story sent to us today…

“I met a gentleman at Walmart who is feeding cats in Laurel –the PG
county portion. He took three kittens into the shelter because he
thought it was a no-kill shelter (!!) and they would find a nice, loving
home for these kittens. He signed over two and they were taken in
the back. He and his wife were considering keeping the third, but
didn’t. They thought the shelter would easily find a home for a kitten.

The shelter person came back to the desk and asked (not nicely) what
about the third kitten–was he keeping her. He signed over the kitten
to the shelter. Then and only then, did he ask what the shelter was
going to do with them. The shelter staffer said none of your business.
These kittens belong to us now.

He had to go into the back area to wash his hands and learned the three
kittens had been killed. He and his wife were so upset.

If he had known, he wouldn’t have taken these kittens to the shelter.”



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